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Elite Healthy 
Elite Healthy 

Beauty at it's Best

Jouve Skin Tightener


Tighten your skin in less than one minute while nourishing it with peptides.

Jouve Nourishing Night Creme


 Give a much-needed beauty boost to your skin’s restorative night-time process with this nourishing and intensive night cream. 

Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream


 Botanically driven ingredients of the highest quality, this innovative brightening cream improves complexion for increased youthfulness. 

Inner Health Creates Outer Beauty


Jumpstart your inner health with all natural vitamins, minerals, thyroid, and adrenal support. Also amazing for weight loss!

The Gold Standard


I add drops of "Raw" CBD oil to my moisturizer as well as take it internally daily...beautiful skin, no anxiety, great health!

Holistic Weight Loss


 The one-of-a-kind formula is made up of 100 percent homeopathic ingredients.When used together in our signature 1250 calorie program, Slenderiix? and Xceler8 support speedy weight loss, including stubborn belly fat, and reduce the odds of “rebound” weight gain.